Our emplyees has extensive skills and experience through several years within travel- and hospitality industry. Economy, sales, operations and management is well taken care of through committed and motivated workforce.

Our company culture is best described with; great willingness to work, passion for the job, heartfelt commitment and the will to succeed!

All the employees at the main office are employed at NHG Management, the operative part of the parent company Norlandia Hotel Group.

NHG board: Roger Adolfsen, Kristian A. Adolfsen and Morten A. Kahrs

It is very important that our organization is characterized by individuals with
high loyalty, courage and flexibility. We need to be both skilled together as a team and individually!

Morten A. KahrsCEOtel: +47 98 22 25 64email: morten(at)norlandia.no
Diana BalinovaCFOtel: +47 97 12 18 17email: diana(at)norlandia.no
Christian A. MörkstedtCOOtel: +46 70 83 44 470email: christian.morkstedt(at)norlandia.se
Leiv RodaChief of Operations Norwaytel: +47 98 22 25 77email: leiv@norlandia.no
Helena ÅhlbergChief of Operations Swedentel: +46 70 56 38 680email: helena.ahlberg@nyastarhotel.com
Jorunn BraateBusiness Support Controllertel: +47 41 67 33 69email: jorunn@norlandia.no
Jarle HolsveChief of Development, Operations and Maintenance tel: +47 98 22 25 82email: jarle@norlandia.no
Thomas SkinnemoenHotel Group Controllertel: +47 97 41 37 36email: thomas.skinnemoen@norlandia.no
Ine AndersenAdministration Coordinatortel: +47 46 42 38 53email: ine.andersen@norlandia.no
Sonja ÖsterbergControllertel: +46 (0)703-55 45 58email: sonja.osterberg@norlandia.se
Inger Johanne OlsenChief of Operations Norwaytel: +47 41 54 75 85email: inger.johanne.olsen@norlandia.no
Peter KarlssonChief of Operations Swedentel: +46 7383 19 135email: peter.karlsson@norlandia.se