We will continue to grow sensibly and still be a company that can withstand market changes. We also focus on being an attractive workplace for our great employees.

Satisfied and qualified employees are the most important foundation for success in our industry!

It has been of great importance that our owners and founders, Kristian and Roger Adolfsen, have invested heavily through our parent company Hospitality Invest. This has affected Norlandia Hotel Group, both financially and developmentally. With strengthened our capital and solid our liquidity, and now we have the financial muscles to develop the group even further. Norlandia Hotel Group aims to expand by 1-2 hotels per. year.
Yet profitability is more important than growth.


Norlandia Hotel Group is growing, and we are always looking for new opportunities for profitable expansion. Our goal is to expand by 1-2 hotels per year.

We are primarily looking for hotels with at least 80/100 rooms or more, with a central location in Scandinavian cities, regional towns of a certain size and at larger airports.

New projects

Systematic efforts are important for optimising profitable and effective operations in new projects. We perform analyses of hotel strengths and improvement opportunities, and assess local conditions, before going on to present a wider strategy for the hotel’s short- and long-term development.

One of our success factors for new projects is that we have our own systems for recruiting management and other key employees who believe in their abilities and dare to take on new, exciting challenges.


Dep CEO Gisle Øygard is the  head developer for Norlandia Hotel Group.
Please contact him at gisle@norlandia.no  or by phone +47 982 22 591



Raising the quality of our hotels

Since 2015 we continued our enormous investments into upgrading our hotels. Although we have already been through the largest improvement drive in our history, development will continue during 2019.

One of the leading interior architects in Norway, Metropolis Arkitektur og Design AS, has assisted with several of our projects, and has contributed to exciting, lively and guest-friendly results. We have wished to enhance the interior and expression of our hotels,  to raise the overall standard and guest experience. We are really happy with the outcome!

Multi-branding strategy

We operate with a multi-branding strategy. We first and foremost focus on each individual hotel. We are independent of the strategic geographic coverage typical for hotel chains, instead seeking the right brand based on the hotel’s individual quality, mix of guests, standards, location and market.
We operate hotels under such powerful brands as Radisson, Best Western, Thon Hotels, First Hotels, Nordic Choice Hotels and Scandic Hotels, but also our own brands such as Ronneby Brunn and Strand Borgholm in Sweden, and Geilo Hotel in Norway.

Working with different hotel brands grants us a wider range of experience, heightened knowledge and an essential network of partners and suppliers. We know which systems are sustainable, where the cracks can form – and where there is room for improvement.

Our company structure

Norlandia Hotel Group

Norlandia Hotel Group functions as an independent group, but is 100% owned by the investment company Hospitality Invest AS, which in turn is controlled by Roger and Kristian Adolfsen. Roger Adolfsen is the chairman of the Norlandia Hotel Group board, with the board members Kristian Adolfsen, Kristoffer Lorck and Morten A. Kahrs.

Adolfsen Group

Adolfsen Group is the name for the group of companies where the brothers Roger and Kristian Adolfsen hold considerable shares. Both privately and through Hospitality Invest, the brothers hold shares in a number of companies in sectors such as travel, health and care, staffing services, construction and real estate. The company began with a hotel investment at Andøya, but has now grown to become a Nordic group that generate NOK 13 billion and currently employs about 23 000 people. This makes Adolfsen Group one of Norway’s largest private employers.

Hospitality Invest AS

Hospitality Invest is a private investment company with a primary emphasis on four segments: care, staffing, real estate and hotel operations. The care business is the largest (approx. 75%).
The Hospitality Invest group has grown sharply the past few years, both organically and through purchases. In 2017 the group had approximately 8750 employees, and revenues of approx. 6.8 billion NOK.

Adolfsen Group
What began as a hotel investment at Andøya has grown to become a Nordic group with over 23 OOO employees!