About us

Norlandia Hotel Group, with its 30 hotels in Norway and Sweden, is a significant party in the Nordic hotel operations segment. Our core business is hotel operations, and our hotels are independent companies operated under different trademarks.
Norlandia Hotel Group companies are operated through NHG Management, and our main shareholders are Roger and Kristian Adolfsen www.adolfsengroup.com . Norlandia Hotel Group consists of skilled employees with expertise in every field needed in the hospitality industry.

Our vision

Operational Excellence in the way we think and act!

We have an ambitious vision –  one we strive towards, and that forms a guideline for everything we do. All our managers, both at headquarters and at the hotels, have solid expertise, are highly motivated and have the same driving force: We wish to be the best in class!

Our values

Be passionate! Feel Special! Dare!

Our expertice


Reporting and good routines provide us with effective cost control. Along with the hotel directors, we strive to ensure that the hotels benefit from the well-established routines and systems of the group. Some of our functions are good terms and conditions, financial reporting, ongoing forecast development, and results and liquidity follow-up.


Norlandia Hotel Group skal fungere som et sentralt support- og komeptansesenter for hotelldriften!

Administration, operations, maintenance and development

Good hotel administration, operations and maintenance demands structure and planning for measures to be taken. We must maintain central expertise that can assist the hotels in always preserving good conditions and qualitatively good operations. We take care of systems that assist the hotels in their daily maintenance, while having the expertise to work on larger projects. We also deal with assistance for internal control follow-up and support.



We place importance on our hotel directors working independently. Within their framework, they are given the freedom to change and accommodate the hotel to be the best for our guests and optimal operations. The operating directors, who formally serve on the board of directors, follow up the hotels based on the needs they, along with local
management, find to be purposeful. This can include areas such as staff, maintenance and development, suppliers, budgets, forecasts and market-based measures.


Our employees are our most important resource!

Human Capital Index

Hotel employees are the most important part of our value creation. Their skills, friendliness to the customer, energy, attitude and ability to resolve situations make our guests feel welcome, making them return to our hotels.

The Human Capital Index (HCI) is our anonymous employee survey, and is sent to all our employees biannually. HCI is primarily a barometer for our employees, and a tool to strengthen the working environment and employee well-being. How well employees can do their jobs is often contingent on their satisfaction, their sense of being seen, and that they receive feedback and the necessary equipment. This again influences our results.


You are welcome to contact our CEO and CFO at any time

CEO: Morten A. Kahrs / Mob +47 982 22 564 / morten@norlandia.no

CFO: Diana Balinova / Mob +47 971 21 817 / diana@norlandia.no