Our core business is hotel operations, and our hotels are independent companies operated under different trademarks.

Through strategic cooperation with renowned brands, we create unique added value for our hotels, owners and partners.
With our hotel portfolio, managed by highly motivated and competent managers, we are today a well-known player in the Nordic hotel operations industry.
Norlandia Hotel Group operations are daily hosted by the team in NHG Management.


The company consists of employees in all necessary disciplines in the hospitality industry. Our specialty is hotel operations, and our strength is our employees. When it comes to hardcore operation of hotels, it is our committed employees who create the real added value. With close individual follow-up of companies, local leaders at every hotel and an adaptable team, we are ready to expand our hotel portfolio.

What makes us, us?

Cheerful, committed employees

It may sound like a cliché, but drive and commitment are integral to how you operate, customise and develop a hotel. Never look at the hotel as a product on its own –  see it in context with the people who work there. The soft values are what our guests encounter and build a relationship with. This is why we invest in human capital.

- Our Talent program develops new leaders!

Close, individual follow-up of operations

We work closely with the local managers of the various hotels, and maintain a detailed focus on financial results and forecasts. The chief of operations/director at each hotel ensures that expertise and systems are implemented. This preserves and optimises each hotel with local customisation individually.

- Own local manager at each hotel!

Local ownership under a structured framework

We believe in good ideas and local ownership. Personality and local grounding creates added value, security and a strong foundation for success at each hotel. We therefore give our managers the mandate to customise operations and make their own mark – on the hotel, their team and their relationship with the guests, based on the systems present at all times.


«79% of all our employees feel cared for at work!»

«46,2% of our employees have been working here for more than 5 years!»